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Photo Page for Fun 2014

Bramble Creek Sundance, and his 2nd Foal. A FILLY...

Below is a picture of Keen Misty, our 23 yr. old Black Morgan mare. Misty died at age 26, 2013

This was taken 3 wks. before she had Sundances 2nd baby.

Below, we both are wondering is this baby ever going to get here.


Well I'll be, that human finally stopped checking on me late at night, Yeah.

Lets get this over.

We found them that morning in the foaling pasture, still very unstable on her legs.  Beautiful dark baby girl.

She was either born on the 13th or 14th. camera date is wrong. Took this shot on the 14th Aug. 2010.

She has a white spot on her forehead, like MOM.

Not sure what color she may be: Bl. Smokey BL. Dark Bay??
She's up!  Mom looks like a Bay that is still pregnant, but we have to remember she is 23!!!

It took a little bit but we finally got mom to bring her daughter to their stall.

I fixed the camera date on this next shot, but I fixed it wrong, urrrrrrr.

Date should still be Aug. 14 2010.

New filly's first day of birth.

Looks like mom is teaching new baby to hang out at the gate for oats.

Keen Misty and her new baby girl at 3 days old. To our great sadness Keen Misty died 3 yrs later at age 26, 2013
Page 7 has more pictures of our new filly as she is growing. Sept. 25 2010.