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Updated pictures of Sundance and Katrina's 1st foal.

Born May 3 2009, FILLY.

Sroll down to see her at 15 months

To the right is Sundance's 1st foal at 7 days.

This is why we chose Raindance for her name. It had rained for ever, or so it felt. We had nothing but mud and puddles before she was born.

On the right is Sundance's 1st foal at 15 months.

BlestB SunNNash Raindance, along with her dam, Nashboro Katrina Gold, 2010.  Raindance is as friendly as her sire; Bramble Creek Sundance, she is like her father in many ways, as picture below will show.

Like father, like daughter, these two love to look over fencing, usually to see if they can get your attention. They are very friendly, Very people oriented.

Bramble Creek Sundance, 4 yr. old, Buckskin, Morgan Stallion.

Raindance, Aug. 2010
BlestB SunNNash Raindance also has her daddy's thick mane and tail.
BlestB SunNNash Raindance Aug. 2010 15 months.
Muddy March, 2010. A shot of Sundance showing his mane.
Mar. 2010 Sundance and his daughter, Raindance coming to talk.

Raindance is 10 mo's. old here. Sundance her sire is coming 4 yr. old.

Please visit page 6 to see Bramble Creek Sundance's 2nd FOAL.