Photo Page 4 Bramble Creek Sundance and his foals.
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Photo Page for Fun 2014

Bramble Creek Sundance
Sundance @ 3yr's old, Buckskin, Foundation Morgan Stallion

Scroll to the right to see new filly.....

Below is Sundance talking with Mattie, our dark bay Morab mare.

Buckskin Stallion Sundance and BlestB Midnight Powder Matte
Below is a shot of Sundance's 1st foal, at age 7wks.
Bramble Creek Sundance 1st Foal

Its a Filly, out of Nashboro Katrina Gold, palomino Morgan mare. Their new foal is 1 day old in this pic. May 3 2009.

Below is a pic. of new filly at 1 month.
New Filly at 2 wks. with her dam, Katrina.

Nashboro Katrina Gold and her new daughter really enjoying their first time out to pasture.

Picture below.

Updated pic's of that filly on page 5.