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Photo Page for Fun 2014

Here you will see 7 pictures, Bramble Creek Sundance as a baby. His sire and dam: Masada Mercury X Hopes Black Maria

Photo's courtesy of Coosa Valley Farm.

This is one of my favorite images

Bramble Creek Sundance, 100% Foundation Morgan colt.

Photo's courtesy of Coosa Valley Farm where Sundance was born.

Bramble Creek Sundance

Isn't he a baby doll.

Our future stallion prospect. Update 2010 Sundance has sired 2 foals.

Sundance is 100% Foundation Morgan,

and a buckskin to boot.

Masada Mercury, chestnut Morgan stallion. Sire of Sundance.

Masada Mercury is 100% Lippitt Morgan stallion,

Owned by Bramble Creek Farm in GA.

Mercury is a chestnut with  amber eyes!

Masada Mercury, Gorgeous

Mercury is known for his majesty and dignity.

Mercury's foals are consistently highly trainable and they

 love human company.

Mercury passes on his wonderful intelligence and excellent conformation.

Courtesy of Coosa Valley Farm in AL. who owned Masada Mercury.

Masada Mercury.

In this shot if you look close you can see Mercury's amber eyes.

Wow, look at that Morgan head and neck.

Moro Hills Micah, sire and grandsire. Moro Hill Mighty, sire of Masada Mercury, And Masada Mercury.


Bramble Creek Sundance's, Greatgrandsire



Four Generations of stallions, Moro Hills Micah, greatgrandsire of Sundance.

                                           Moro Hill Mighty, grandsire of Sundance.

                                           Masada Mercury, Sire of Bramble Creek Sundance.

                                           Bramble Creek Sundance, our new stud colt, pic above.