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Photo Page for Fun 2014

Bramble Creek Sundance, our stallion loves to play in the water troughs and so does his daughters. This is BlestBSunNMisty Morgan

Morgan in the tub, Raindance an Mattie looking.

Nashboro Katrina Gold

New litter of kittens

Bramble Creek Sundance first born, BlestB SundanceNKat Raindance


BlestB SundanceNKat's Raindance

Nashboro Katrina Gold aka Kat

The boys checking out the blanket

We were trying to trap a possum......

Sunset on the farm

Unusual hail storm during summer 2013

Tornado came thru April 20 2012

Zip was cut on broke down fencing, it healed well. He is on wrong side of his pasture.

We were very lucky no one or no animals were hurt.

Husbands big rig