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 Welcome, Here at 16 Gate Estates we work hard to raise:                         

 Morgans That Do It All.


 The Marvelous Morabs.

Come in and see our herd, we are very proud to own such great breeds.

Please scroll down to see pictures of our herd.


From left to right:  # 1. Bramble Creek Sundance, In June of 2007 we were fortunate to add this wonderful colt to our colorful herd. Bramble Creek Sundance is a beautiful  Buckskin, 100% Foundation Morgan Stallion.

# 2. Nashboro Katrina Gold, Palomino Morgan mare.

# 3. Keen Misty, Black Morgan mare. Update Our beloved Misty died at age 26 on Aug.8 2013. She is greatly missed.

# 4. BlestB Mystery Nash ALena, Chestnut Morgan mare, and daughter of # 2, Nashboro Katrina Gold.                                                                                  Update:   BlestB Mystery Nash ALena, deceased May 3 2010. Died while giving birth at age 5. Foal would have been Bramble Creek Sundances second foal.

# 5. Charlie, Bl/Wh. SSH, gelding.

# 6. Mystery's Mr. Rowdy Zip, bay Morab gelding.

Below is a picture of LM Mystery's Mr. Rowdy Zip, aka, Zippy, Zip is the very first Morab we purchased, and the reason we purchased more. Zip has been with us since he was 10 months old, now 8. Zippy's sire is: Mary Mels Mystery, and out of the Morab mare, LM Narissa Run, Gorgeous horses!!!! Updated 2010

We are very blessed to have some of the best blood lines of both breeds, Morgans n Morabs. Our bl./wh. SSH Charlie, is our only NON Morgan or Morab, Charlie has lived here for many years. He's our buddy too. :)

Check out our Photo page for more pic's.

Our For Sale page has more information on our wonderful horses, plus lots of pictures.

Our Contact page will give you our numbers to get in touch with us. Along with a personal picture. .

Our Guest Book page has a surprise photo on it of one of our horses. Check it out, we believe you will enjoy it.

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Contact us at,  pammyjbj1130@outlook.com

Or 731-644-1925

More pictures to enjoy, Please look at our horses for sale and the other's we have to share with you. Have a Zippity Doo Dah Day.