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Scroll down to see pictures of our Morgans and Morabs.

We have blood lines that include:


Mary Mels

LM Mystery

JMF  Midnight Obsession

Keen Misty

LM Black Powder

Bramble Creek


LM Mystery's Mr. Rowdy Zip, Zip is an 8yr. old bay gelding with exceptional potential. Very friendly and loving. We have had Zip since he was 10 months old. Unfortunately he has never been trained to ride, but he will be very easy to get under saddle.

LM Mystery Destiny, Destiny is a 9 yr. old gorgeous bay Morab mare, approx. 14.1hds. She is half sister to LM Mystery's Mr. Zip. Destiny won 1st place in halter in 2008. Destiny may be gaited as is her sire: Mary Mels Mystery. Scroll over to see a head shot of Destinys maternal grandsire.

Grande Masada, LM Mystery Destiny's maternal grandsire.

Winter shot of 8 yr. old Zip. Scroll over for more pic's.

Mary Mels Mystery son, Aka Zippy. Feb. 2008. Scroll over for more.

Zips half sister, LM Mystery Destiny

BlestB Midnight Powder Matte, aka Mattie, The first Morab to be " born " on our farm. Mattie's sire is, JMF Midnight Obsession bred by Janzen Morgan Farm, owned by TN Legacy Farm of Brighton, TN. Mattie's dam is a gray Morab mare, LM Powder Flash, bred by Liberty Mtn. Ranch in Bismark Arkansas. Mattie is registered with the IMBA as a dark bay Morab mare. Mattie was born April 3 2005, She is very f riendly and loves attention!! For Sale for $850. 00

LM Powder Flash, dam of our Morab mare BlestB Midnight Powder Matte, aka Mattie. LM Powder Flash, Has Sold. Scroll over for another pic of Mattie.

BlestB Midnight Powder Matte, (Mattie) dark bay, 15H. 5 yr. old and very sweet. Mattie is For Sale.

Grande Masada, LM Mystery Destiny's grandsire in western attire. Please scroll to the right.

Winter 2005, this picture show's how much LM Mystery's Mr. Rowdy Zip, on left, and his half sister, LM Mystery Destiny look alike. Zip is 4 in this pic. Destiny is 5. Mary Mels Mystery sure put his look on these two. Cont. to scroll.

Grande Masada in English. A pic of Masada's granddaughter is right below. Destiny will be beautiful under saddle also..

Nashboro Katrina Gold, our registered palomino Morgan mare. Scroll to right to see her 1st. born.

Nashboro Katrina Gold's first born, BlestB Mystery Nash ALena, at 10 day's old. Chestnut, Morgan filly, Sire is Mary Mels Mystery, gaited chestnut. Morgan stallion.

LM Mystery Destiny, 9 yr. old bay Morab mare. Daughter of Mary Mels Mystery, a flaxen/chestnut gaited Morgan Stallion standing @ Jericho Creek Farm II. Destinys is the maternal granddaughter of Grande Masada.

BlestB Mystery Nash ALena at 17 months. Update, At 5 yrs. old ALena died while giving birth, the foal did not survive either. Very sad day.

March 8th. 2008. SNOW. BlestB Mystery Nash ALena, coming 3 yr. old, and Mattie, Morab filly laying down, also coming 3 yr. old.

Need to get a clean shot of Keen Misty, our black Morgan mare.

June 16th 2007, We have become the proud owners of: Bramble Creek Sundance, A 10 month old Buckskin Morgan stud colt. Bred by Bramble Creek Farm in Bishop GA. Owned by Coosa Valley Farm in Columbiana, AL. Fresh off the trailer at his new home, the entire herd shows up to greet him.

Sundance being showed around his new, temporary pasture. Behaving like a real gentleman in his new place. Scroll to the right for more.

Bramble Creek Sundance greeting the herd, Katrina pal. Misty black, ALena chest., Destiny bay,Charlie SSH, Mattie bl bay, Zip head shot, bay.

My Oh My Morgans n Morabs checking out new colt, Bramble Creek Sundance right off the trailer at his new home, Our herd, Katrina, Misty, ALena, Destiny hidden, Charlie, Mattie hidden, and Zip head shot, June 16 2007.

Bramble Creek Sundance learning to deal with the TN. bugs. June 16th 2007. Sroll to right to see one more picture of the mares checking out the new boy in town.

On the left is our 21 yr. old Black Morgan mare, Keen Misty. Next to her is our Palomino Morgan mare, Nashboro Katrina Gold. Later both of these mares had babys with Sundance!!.

This is Hopes Black Maria, bred by Babs Adams of GA. Owned by Coosa Valley Farm of AL. Hopes Black Maria is a smoky black, with Amber colored eye's.100% Foundation Morgan mare, which means there is no Saddlebred in her bloodlines after 1930. Hopes Black Maria is the dam of our new colt/stallion Bramble Creek Sundance

Masada Mercury, Mercury is a dark chestnut, 100% Foundation Lippitt Morgan stallion, Mercury also has amber colored eyes, proving the creme gene exist, and producing a buckskin, Bramble Creek Sundance. Masada Mercury is owned by Bramble Creek Farm in GA. Previously owned by Coosa Valley Farm in AL. Where we purchased Mercury and Marias buckskin stud colt, Bramble Creek Sundance at 10 months old. Photo's courtesy of Cossa Valley Farm.

In this picture of Sundance he is talking with Nashboro Katrina Gold. Sundance is 10months old here. Approx. a yr. later Ms. Katrina discovered I had left a gate unlatched so she chooses to open it and spends the night with Mr. Sundance. In May of 2009 Katrina had a baby girl.

Please continue to scroll to the right for two more picture's.

Then to Photo Page 2 for more pic's of the sire's and dam's of our herd.